Tooth whitening Whanganui Palmerston NorthA commonly asked question is “do you do tooth whitening?”

The answer is yes, if we think it is appropriate. In most instances, we provide you with a take-home kit. This involves taking impressions of your teeth to construct special trays with reservoirs to hold the whitening agent. The material is safe to use, easy to apply and something you can monitor yourself. Results can be spectacular but not all teeth respond the same.

We also have the latest Zoom Whitening System. This is an in-chair System that we use to whiten your teeth in our clinics in order to get faster results. You are then provided with a take-home kit to maintain and sometimes further improve the shade of your new white teeth.

With all Tooth Whitening, some temporary sensitivity can be expected but no adverse effects to the tooth pulp have been recorded. We are happy to answer your questions about whitening and help you with your requests.